DeepWaste School Partners

DeepWaste is being adopted within several school campuses, ranging from Universities to High Schools

DeepWaste has recently partnered with the Zilkha Center at Williams College, a private liberal arts college in Williamstown, Massachusetts, to distribute the DeepWaste App to its student body. DeepWaste is being used at Williams as part of the DeepWaste 10,000 Image Challenge to improve DeepWaste AI models.


The Nueva School, an independent PreK-12 school in the Bay Area, California, is running a campus-wide pilot of DeepWaste to its 400+ student body in the Upper School. The goal of this pilot is to reduce the amount of erroneous waste disposal at Nueva while testing, getting feedback, and improving DeepWaste.

DeepWaste is rapidly expanding within school campuses. If your school would be interested in piloting or promoting DeepWaste, please contact us below. 

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